4S Company, is committed to provide better services to the customers and to meet their needs and expectations in all areas of manufacturing and production and to provide the latest technology and innovative products and effective in activities of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Contracting, Equipment Rental, General Trading of modern management systems and the use of advanced engineering techniques.

The Company is also committed to provide the latest technology for the products and services to get the satisfaction of its customers and also to verify the conformity of their products and services with the conditions and requirements of the quality management system and its ongoing developments.

To implement this policy, the company seeks following:
  • Attention to the requirements of customers and develop their products in order to achieve their needs, in the light of available possibilities.
  • Setting quality targets commensurate with the company's strategic plans and to ensure that these requirements are in turn directed impressively in their products.
  • Fully committed to continual improvement as per the company's strategic plan to the achieve quality objectives.
  • Strive for continuous improvements through systematic identification of the root causes behind the non-conformities and subsequent elimination of the same.
  • Rehabilitation of company staff on the high efficiency of performance through the application of training programs to achieve the requirements of the international Standards.
  • Communicate the quality objectives to employees
  • Develop a relationship with suppliers to focus on the continued modernization of the product quality, delivery and services
  • Develop a good relationship with customers.
  • Foster an environment that supports teamwork.
  • Maintain and protect confidentiality and proprietary rights of the customers.

The quality policy and objectives are mandatory to all employees of 4 Seasons Company. All the employees are made aware of this policy through, awareness programs, displays along with confidentiality and fair practice agreements.